"AMANDA'S LAW" Oklahoma needs a law for prison and county jail officers to wear body cams!

What is “AMANDA’S LAW”?

Amanda’s Law is needed here in Oklahoma for all prison and county jail officers to wear body cams! It would make safer for inmates and staff within the system. There wouldn’t be any speculations if an inmate dies, commits suicide or if a staff member or inmate was involved while in custody. Body cams are a must for ALL inmates and staff NOW.

There have been so many deaths in prisons and county jails in the recent months and something really does need to be done. How is all this happening? If there were body cams, there wouldn’t be any more questions of their causes of deaths.

Why Amanda’s Law?? Amanda was an inmate at Mabel Bassett in McLoud, Ok and she was found dead in the lock up unit on Feb. 28th, 2022. How did she die? What caused her death? There have been many stories told, but the truth has not been made clear yet. An autopsy report stated she had fractured ribs, bruises and contusions to her body. This goes along with the eyewitnesses that saw her being kicked and beaten by a male officer, while two other male officers watched. If body cams had been worn, it would tell exactly what happened and hopefully the cause of her death.

Inmates have the right to NOT be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment while incarcerated. They are sent to prison for a crime and not to be abused, ridiculed and mistreated. We are all human and that goes for anyone that is free. We have our rights as citizens and the inmates have their rights as well. Protect, protect, protect!!

Amanda’s Law cries for justice, so please sign and share this petition!

Please make your name COUNT for Amanda’s Law!


Thank you!