Card support for our family & loved ones

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I used to be known as the Aussie Card Fairy, and several years ago, I participated in hundreds of card swaps…I’m wondering if anyone would be interested in running something similar in here? I’m happy to help with organising the swaps…they are a great way to get mail for your loved one, for either birthdays, holidays (think Easter, Thanksgiving etc), other holidays, general cheer or impending court dates. I even sent cards to someone whose execution date was coming up…and it was to let him know he was being thought of and was supported on the outside without judgement - he ended up getting me sent a rosary from the Prison Chaplain after his date came around. So, it’s not a bad thing to even send cards of support.

In fact, it was thru the card forum that I met my husband…true fact!

To the moderators of the platform, if this kind of post is not allowed, please feel free to delete it, just please don’t ban me.

Thanks, Nomes aka The Aussie Card Fairy


I’ve participated in some letter and card writing before - I think it’s a great idea!! Thank you for your leadership on this.


I agree. This is wonderful. I do know of pen pal swaps but the idea of maintaining a community database where we could just send cards for support would be wonderful. I participated in an annual care package event and I know those meant so much to the recipients. What’s the best way to manage this going forward?

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I guess we need to work out a way of ‘pinning’ the post where people can request to have cards sent out…and then people would pm me the info (I would never suggest just posting an inmates info on the public forum due to trolls who could potentially send hate mail) and then I can get the details together and send them out to anyone else who is participating.


I would like to join in with the next card swaps please :love_letter:

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