Columbia University Justice Through Code Program

I am an alum of this program, which teaches justice-impacted individuals full-stack development skills in a Python and Django framework. It is a wonderful opportunity. ‘Justice Talk’ is in fact an outgrowth of a project worked on while a part of JTC!

The JTC program is hosted by Columbia University, with segments taught and TA’d by staff of the business school and computer science program. JTC partners with other organizations to help justice-impacted individuals prepare themselves to become junior developers at major technology companies.

For those individuals interested in technology and learning a new, marketable skill set, I cannot recommend it enough. Check it out!

Many alums of Columbia’s JTC Program find themselves sufficiently prepared to enter the Next Chapter program, which is an apprenticeship placement with leading technology companies.

Code the Dream offers free intensive training in software development to people from diverse low-income backgrounds. In CTD Labs, our coders work with experienced mentors to hone those skills by building apps and technology platforms for a range of startups, nonprofits and government clients. The ultimate aim of Code the Dream is to create a unique win-win, where our coders gain real experience building apps that make the world a little better place, and then use that experience to launch new careers with enormous opportunity for themselves, their families, and their communities.

Code the Dream classes are completely free for students.

Our program is very resource-intensive and expensive to operate. We are constantly fundraising to make this program possible, and we depend on grants from foundations and donations from individuals to ensure we can keep our classes free.

Once you get a job, we will ask you to consider making an ongoing donation to Code the Dream to help make the same opportunity possible for other students.

Many coding bootcamps cost $10,000-$20,000. Others don’t charge you up front, but require a portion of your paycheck for many years after that. We do not require salary contributions, but we do hope you will remember Code the Dream once you land that high-paying tech job later! That’s the only way this program can continue.