Hello from Holland πŸ€—

Hello to everybody.

My name is Jessica and I have been corresponding with incarcerated friends in the USA from my 18th bday, I am 49 now.
I was a member of a very large forum/community which is closed now.

:love_letter: I loved to participate in card swaps and would like to do that again.
Currently I have 3 penpals in the USA.

Have a great day,

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Hi Jessica! Welcome to Justice Talk.

Justice Talk was founded and moderated by a justice-impacted law student and like-minded technologists; the idea is to resuscitate was Prison Talk was but try to encompass more constituencies in the criminal justice space.

We know it will be a slow but steady process to try to build a community but we’re very grateful you’re here and for your support!

Hopefully Nomes organizes the card swaps again for the holidays this year!

Thank you.


Thank you for your kind words.
If the Aussie Card Fairy does, I will be joining in :love_letter: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: