IRS 1040 filing for inmates for 2023

Hi, My husband is LWOP in Pennsylvania and a day or two ago on a call, he asked me to find out anything I can about a 1040 IRS form for disadvantaged individuals (ie, those incarcerated). Apparently the incarcerated individual is entitled to back pay and on going support due to the costs involved in them only earning pennies an hour but having to pay tax on things such as phone time, or commissary purchases. I’ve tried researching it on line for credibility etc, as we both don’t want to do the wrong thing. It’s a form he has to fill in, I can’t do it online on his behalf (I have his P.O.A), and a handout is doing the circulation in his facility on what they need to put on the form. Any advice or websites I can visit would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Nomes

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Would the amount of income exceed $12,000 (or $24,000 if you’re filing jointly)? Even though the prison might issue a W-2 or 1099 to him, if the annual income doesn’t exceed those thresholds there is no need to file a tax return.

I’m not sure if this is income related per say…I just think some guy has read something in the law library and believes it to be a loop hole…Hubby and I don’t want to do it if it’s wrong or going to cause any issues down the track…but supposedly it can be back payed and is about $200 a year I believe he said. Thanks for your input Richard.